A new start for 2016

After a year of medical problems with the CEO, traveluso! is back and slowly adding columns (price check! new!)  and developing pages on the daily. traveluso! has been in business since 2014, with the goal of bringing travelers on a budget to their destination without breaking the bank. After those two years, it seems less than 15% of all those making bookings were incredibly interested in traveling harder for cheaper – much like how the CEO, Matt Impelluso, travels.


With that said, traveluso! is now using three methods of travel.


“The Moneysaver” is our budget category. This category gives you the cheapest airfare. Using this category might involve one or two bus/train connections because your host city might be extraordinary more expensive than a city three hours away. For example, one of our favorite airports to utilize is Dallas Fort Worth. Their gate prices are low, therefore allowing airlines to keep costs down. Since every airline serves DFW, the low fare carriers push other route prices down. Spirit Airlines is sometimes more expensive than American Airlines.

“Standard,” which is close to economy as possible with potential upgrades, is the newest category. This includes more comfort on the plane, possible club access, and direct routes through the airport closest to you. (With cities that have multiple airports, we’ll give both prices so you can decide whether a longer drive is worth the cost savings)

The more upscale category, “Premier,” is for those with preferences on airlines, clubs at the airport, non-stop or connecting flights, chosen cities for hubs, etc – would be finding travel accommodations for these individuals based on more critique by the planner.

Not much has changed for the inquiry process, but hub to hub travel with bus or train connections isn’t preferable to the majority of our clients unless they are arriving at the destination they set to depart back towards home. Standard usually doesn’t include a train/bus transfer. Premier does however, because we include the most comfortable options, usually by train, that would be out of price for budget travelers.

Happy tourists couple holding map
Happy tourists couple holding map


While we are located in Houston, many of our travelers live all around North America, and a good bit in Western Europe, mainly the United Kingdom. Since Houston and New York JFK and Newark are huge international destinations with hub connections up the wazoo, you can save costs by jumping from city to city, and possibly enjoy a two day layover.

The new traveluso! will begin including routes at major hubs such as Miami, Atlanta, Phoenix, Los Angeles, San Francisco, Portland, and Seattle. The Hill Country (Austin and San Antonio) will be included in the new searches for those living in Texas.

The major cities has changed little, but with the growth of the Austin – San Antonio metropolitan area, we have included them in the mix. Also, once Dallas was a hub city, but the transit connections are absolutely superb and virtually anyone in Texas and get to the Metroplex by bus or train. sanantonioaustin

Areas of focus will be introduced, once part of the top navigational bar, but now more specific: Plant tourism, the old name, really doesn’t make much sense. Instead, Denver Delights will offer more to what Denver has to offer, besides their incredible legalization of marijuana, which has put hundreds of millions in tax reserves since 2014. Denver has excellent food choices, and starting in April of 2016, it will be one of the most best connected transit cities in America, with a brand new commuter rail spur from their airport many quote as being “in the middle of the desert.”

Amtrak will have a dedicated section like the last page, but since Amtrak is a monopoly and only have codeshares via United, there is no purpose on describing more to the video than intercity travel – rather than interstate. There’s nothing we can really do to lower Amtrak costs for long distance travel. For short distance, it just depends on the day you travel if it’s to make an airport – city connection.


New York will be the most through section, as it is the CEO’s hometown. Info on how to save money but not skimp on your hotel experience will greatly enhance your trip.


North Mexico, replacing a former blog post, is now a separate page where the CEO describes the harsh realities of long bus travel to the heavily populated areas, which much advice on how to stay safe. traveluso! does not agree with the travel warnings set by the United States. for those who say “better safe than sorry,” you’re incorrect. There are travel warnings every day.

Mexico has an extensive bus system. This year, we will travel further into Mexico. In 2015, we traveled to Monterrey by bus, and that will probably be one of the first articles on the page.

More on Mexico and the rest of the changes to the site by 5/2/16. 

Another small change regarding Mexico is that I once sent travellers to an acquaintance of mine in the same industry. Once I realized most of this acquaintances’ clients were married couples or honeymoons, I pinpointed their location. A country I frequent over 115 times, Mexico, should not be a difficult task to bear. Also, if anything, this same person probably thought they could beat my fares for the airlines. No more outside help. Apologies.


We never supplied a section on the page to list preferences for the hotel, or car rental inquiries. The current inquiry page has nothing of the sort. We will plan that after your initial plans to your arrival location.