Jetblue is traveluso’s PREFERRED airline


Ranked via Houston*

  1. jetBlue
  2. Southwest
  3. American Airlines
  4. Delta Airlines
  5.  Frontier Airlines
  6.  Spirit Airlines
  7.  United Airlines


NOTE: Hawaiian, Virgin America, and Alaska are usually rated higher than Jetblue, but they constantly rank in the top 5. However, I haven’t had the opportunity to fly these airlines due to their destinations.

Since 2014 (maybe earlier, but definitely since), Jetblue Airways has been boarding from Gate 30 at Houston Hobby Airport. The odd jetway has no usual Southwest markings, (Southwest virtually controls the airport) – it pretty much looks like you’re in the northeast already.

Being from Houston, having a Houston football club in the AFC of the NFL that plays Jetblue’s official football team the Patriots, having the usual touristy trip to the northeast (mostly NYC, but BOS has easy connections!), Jetblue should be the northeast airline officially for Houston – but has insane competition with United and Southwest. This doesn’t mean United or Southwest are cheaper. On the contrary, it’s much more.


JetBlue is the official airline of the Boston Red Sox….and we’ll just ignore any personal opinions about that.

In all seriousness – Jetblue could be the best mile high club on Earth. 36 channels on the A320, 100 on the A321 of DirecTV, 100 Sirius XM channels, the best legroom in coach domestically (We’ve looked around the world too – it’s very hard to beat for economy)

Southwest offers 2 free** bags (but think -$50 if you only have a carry on, which should determine your fare) and United is rated worst domestically and personally, our least favorite airline.

Jetblue is traveluso! number one airline – as they’ve been transferring my family to the Northeast for years. My (CEO) last trip was in January. Besides TWA in 1994, this is the only airline every member of the immediate family used. Funny enough, Jetblue now runs out of the old TWA terminal at JFK, so when we moved to Texas, any time coming back to JFK is bittersweet. (More bitter for me)

Via JFK – easy access to Manhattan, Long Island, etc


Via BOS – use the Silver Line for connections via bus or train at South Station. VERY EASY TO USE FOR FIRST TIME COMMUTERS


Thanks for getting my mom back home, Jetblue. Thanks to my brother for helping too.

**Houston based airlines

Personal story about my family and I:

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Posted by Matt Impelluso on Thursday, February 25, 2016