traveluso begins a small fee. we were free once.

For everything.

This is a personal note from Matt Impelluso, the founder of traveluso!

For two years, we’ve been at it booking flights and hotel rooms all around the country.  (And trains, buses, rent-a-cars, giving advice on cities – the works) When I started the company, it initially was word by mouth.  Not often do people stumble upon such a travel site. Since we are manual, we don’t do things normally. Algorithms couldn’t solve this problem no matter the expert. Unfortunately, my thinking pattern, arrogant as it sounds , is beyond a formula. The other engines aren’t built for that type of travel.

The biggest purpose of traveluso! was so you could conveniently pay for your flight, yet hold off the cost to the hotel with a card we supply. Upon arrival at the hotel, you received a code and transferred your account over to pay for the bill. Most websites don’t have this, and the ones that do are trickier to navigate because they are only for hotel rooms, not other forms of travel.

I’ve probably worked for free around….someone crunch the match, 5 hours a business day, using social media and the likes for the past two years, minus our server setback a while ago.

Monetary woes aren’t going to shut down the site, but we ask for the following small sums to pay for the job I am doing. We will still go word by mouth, but aggressively use this at fundraising to promote.

If you book via hotel, and flight, or no flight – it will be a 3% fee to the total of the order. The fee must be paid in 48 hours, considering it’s close to pennies $12 for a $400 stay, or else I’ll be forced to remove the reservation. We will do this using Square.

If you book via flight and no hotel, a 2.5% tax will go on immediately to the fare.

If i’m doing substantial research to your vacation (3 hours or more with all the trimmings), it will be a 5% tax for my work. If I’m working for 3 hours on one trip, you must be flying to Mars. I’ll try and get you there.

I don’t want to tax. I don’t want to ask for help. But, we do run on tips. Sadly, I am not doing well medically, insurance is destroying me, and I can barely advertise.

I hope that all of you who have asked for my help will understand.  My trip planning is unlike any other. While you can use Expedia all day long, I will crush that rate. if not, no tax! (Yeah, looking at Southwest yourself doesn’t count fellas)

Also, while we are having some car trouble, taxi service (my own taxi service, which is $50 cheaper than a car) will continue with water and other amenities,  including stops if you would like to get something to eat.

I will be re-writing the inquiry page tonight because honestly it looks like crap, and we will be ready to go as soon as May begins.

Once again, this small fee is still cheaper than wasting your money with bad travel companies, such as Expedia, Travelocity, the likes – and as always, prompt service will be given.

We hope we turned no one off by this, but it was a pretty nice trial.

Also, as a bonus, we will give 3% of the total fee to a recommended customer by one of your current customers.

We work independently from the IATA.

Thanks, and if you’d like to privately message me, you know where to go. @traveluso or If we’re friends on FB, just direct message me.

P.S. If you’re reading this from a destination that is not Houston, I can find the costs in relatively seconds. We are based in Houston. These fares are all consistent with the week. They usually change 3 times for the weekend runs.