This blog is mostly personal opinion via Matt Impelluso, the founder of traveluso! Props to Adam Stanley for the name. Sometimes I switch different points of view, like,  “we” or “me” or “I.” Don’t worry, it’s just one of us – and that’s me, Matt Impelluso. Did that make sense? Okay.

Personal opinions include anything you can’t guarantee via a definition site – such as Southwest via carry-on is stupid when you’re not checking bags. Obviously, it is stupid, unless you love Southwest miles.

Another personal opinion is basically the difference between convenience to price. I am not a car advocate unless necessary. Yes, we will help you rent cars. However, it’s sometimes cheaper and more luxurious especially when switching cities and dropping the car off – California being one.

My goal is to get people as efficient-ally and affordable as possible. Via text messaging, you will always have me at my service – especially in New York, Houston, Denver, Philadelphia, Los Angeles, and San Francisco.

However, what places us differently from other travel sites is we use two engines they don’t, and then we use the algorithms to find the best fare. Some frequent fliers are encouraged not to use these options, as shortcuts are involved. We will find you your hotel, reserve to before the day of your trip. You will be set a confirmation number. Using our credit cards, we’ll reserve the trip, and you pay by cash or charge once arriving.

I have traveled all over the United States and parts of Northern Mexico.  I am seasoned at the major HSMs (our code word for how airliners connect) over Europe, Asia, and Oceania.

I have never traveled on a cruise before. I think they’re just big shopping mall ferries. I’m from NY, if I want to ride a boat, I’ll take the Staten Island Ferry for free. If you want to get to Cancun – it’s extremely cheap. BY PLANE.

We monitor our clients’ services using Flightaware, if they so choose for us to keep an accurate timing of departures and arrivals.

Personal disclaimer: We will not recommend Greyhound at any time. Subsidiaries such as Peter Pan or Boltbus could be included. Megabus is run by Coach USA. Greyhound is very unreliable and their stations are an embarrassment to this country.

Anything else? Oh, personal stuff. I am a yuge MongoNation supporter (for WFAN Mike Francesa). Sports is my life besides travel planning and learning about future or demoted routes. I would not consider myself a college dropout, for all I received all my hours in Political Science and Public Administration. I did drop out of algebra, and English cuz it was scheduled too early.

Trust me – no amount of education on the travel industry can prepare you for 14 years of work in the field as a customer. Once I knew this would be simple to uptake, traveluso! begun.

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