Denver is slowly becoming one of the must-go-to travel destinations in the United States. With one of the largest airports in the world, and increasingly better public transit options, Denver is easily accessible without car (as of this post, March 15, 2016) and by 2017, possibly one of the best transit cities in the country.


Denver has an odd airport. Stapleton, the old airport that was demolished in Denver, is only miles from downtown Denver. However, the new airport is about a 45 minute ride to downtown, and even longer to destinations around the suburbs. One of the largest means of reaching the airport is Denver’s Skyride, which – while punctual, has to bare Denver traffic on Interstate 70 and Interstate 25. Beginning on April 26, 2016, however, Denver will open its first commuter rail line from DIA (Denver International Airport) promising a 35 minute ride to Denver’s new Union Station that opened several years ago.


In 2016, Denver is also opening several new lines that will connect with this line, including expansions towards northern and western suburbs. A key light rail line will be finished later this year, almost completely finishing the system in a loop-like format. Instead of an unnecessary 45 minute trip to Aurora, Colorado, for instance, can take 15 minutes, and to move further south (where no line is currently in place) will connect to current lines in southeast Denver.


The mobility of the city is quite startling. In 2004, my first visit to Denver, I was throughly impressed with the light rail system. in 2012, I was almost blown away by the expansions. Now, in 2016, Denver would be a top pick for anyone willing to enjoy beautiful weather, enjoy traveling to and from destinations without worry, and never needing a cab or an Uber.


While traveluso! extremely advises using public transit, we realize that many individuals would rather rent a car or use Uber or taxi services. However, the ride to the airports shouldn’t be considered unless you’re in an odd location in the metro area. Numerous train stations will line Interstate 70, and a simple drop off will save you and your family at least an hour (granted you have either a rental or using an Uber/taxi, and if you have a rental, you have to wait for the shuttle to the airport anyway. The train station is connected to the main transportation hall in Denver.


Boulder, Colorado is also connected very well via public transit. One of the most gorgeous cities in America, Boulder is only 45 minutes northwest of downtown Denver. The small town atmosphere yet large town connections make the town a must see, especially if you’re into shopping and beautiful scenery. (Pearl Street mall)


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